A little too much to drink…

8 05 2009

No update yesterday – due ot gratuitous amounts of alcohol.

Didn’t exercise really, but did donate blood.

Food candies:

onion bagel + salmon cream cheese
veggie sandwich f/jimmy john’s
popcorn + popcorn
3 double cran vodkas


Bring on the beef…

7 05 2009

So another day – I’m breaking my veggie diet for today, because I am planning on donating blood tomorrow. I’m borderline-anemic, so I need to make sure I keep my iron levels up – meaning… diving in to home-made jerkey. ^_^

As far as exercise today – not much. I did bring my roller blades to campus today, but didn’t get much use out of them after class due to the rain – then it was straigt to work. I also slept in. Got almostΒ  9 hours of sleep (a typical night for me is about 6-7)

Free Indian food on campus! (some vanilla cake, white rice, chick-pea ball of deliciousness thing, and some type of tempura I think)
Mango La-sea
Biscuit from KFC
half organic cookie + a bit of coleslaw
24oz water +
Sm white mocha + whip cream

I really need to increase my drinking of water and cut back on the coffee/sugar. Soooo hard.

Any recomendations for making it easer to give up the coffee? I mean, I’m addicted and get headaches, so former addict advice would be fantastic. ^_^

First day back to climbing

6 05 2009

So today I biked across campus about 5.6 miles – halfway downhill, the other half up. I went to the campus rock gym for a little over an hour, did 4 or 5 routes and I’ll tell you what – I feel like an old woman after being out of it for so long. Really need to work on that forearm strength. None-the-less… I’m going to try to get out to doing this once a week again.

Here’s the foodz…

Coffee + Whole Milk + 2tsp sugar
Onion Bagel Salmon crm chz 213 cal
12oz Black tea
12oz + Water
3 Slices of Cheese Pizza (not very greasy)
Salsa & Lime Salsa Chips…mmmm…. ^_^

I really need to start drinking more water.

Also, sorry I’m really not keeping track of calories here. I dont’ know how to calculate them all the time, nor do I always have a box to look off of. When I know calories though, I’ll be sure to post them. πŸ™‚

Todays food and plans for tomorrow

5 05 2009

Today’s meals:

Piece of Apple-Smoked Swiss
6″ Veg Subway
24oz Water
12oz white mocha soy
Tuna Salad Sandich
12oz black tea

…and maybe some salsa before bed. πŸ™‚

Talked to a friend a bit today – planning on doing some indoor climbing tomorrow – maybe I’ll get some film of it. Post-pastafarian preaching of course. πŸ˜‰

Well let’s get rolling…

29 04 2009

Ok so first post. I’m going to try and keep up with this as much as possible – but no promises I can keep up daily.

Now I am a vegetarian – however I still enjoy milk, eggs, and fish. Occasionally I dip out on my veggie diet when my iron levels drop extremely low, usually once every other month, sometimes longer.

Foods of the day:
Onion Bagel Salmon Crm Chz
Mini Pizza Slice
Pretzels w/hummus
Iced Mocha Soy
Apple Juice
Spinach Feta Pretzel

Oh delicious carbs – the bane of my existence. πŸ˜›

I am very much an individual on the run, so it’s really hard to keep up and get a well-balanced meal – especially this week since I have midterms.