A little too much to drink…

8 05 2009

No update yesterday – due ot gratuitous amounts of alcohol.

Didn’t exercise really, but did donate blood.

Food candies:

onion bagel + salmon cream cheese
veggie sandwich f/jimmy john’s
popcorn + popcorn
3 double cran vodkas




One response

14 05 2009
Joe (sef789)

I am going to throw out a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) based on what appears to be too few calories mixed with simple sugars. You may be forcing your body into a starvation state. It is an evolved response that goes back to the most basic cells, so you cannot fight it. If you do not get enough food your body goes into a ultra conservative state that both strongly holds onto body fat and refuses to build other tissues at the same time (no muscle building). The trick is to get enough food to over-ride the starvation state response and get enough exercise to turn some of that food into new muscle. If you get enough exercise to go into a slight negative energy balance while over-riding the starvation state response you could burn that tiny bit of tummy fat all while toning up and raising your BMR at the same (that last part is an ideal scenario, I hesitate to suggest it because 1) you do not need to burn fat and 2) I doubt I could have done it myself as a student). Take care.

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