Bring on the beef…

7 05 2009

So another day – I’m breaking my veggie diet for today, because I am planning on donating blood tomorrow. I’m borderline-anemic, so I need to make sure I keep my iron levels up – meaning… diving in to home-made jerkey. ^_^

As far as exercise today – not much. I did bring my roller blades to campus today, but didn’t get much use out of them after class due to the rain – then it was straigt to work. I also slept in. Got almost  9 hours of sleep (a typical night for me is about 6-7)

Free Indian food on campus! (some vanilla cake, white rice, chick-pea ball of deliciousness thing, and some type of tempura I think)
Mango La-sea
Biscuit from KFC
half organic cookie + a bit of coleslaw
24oz water +
Sm white mocha + whip cream

I really need to increase my drinking of water and cut back on the coffee/sugar. Soooo hard.

Any recomendations for making it easer to give up the coffee? I mean, I’m addicted and get headaches, so former addict advice would be fantastic. ^_^




One response

14 05 2009
Joe (sef789)

Coffee provides a brief, sharp dose of caffeine and can be addictive especially if you lack the genes for rapid metabolism. If you are trying to quit and have withdrawal symptoms, you can try to switch to either tea or dark chocolate. Both have chemistries that make the spike longer and less intense, making them less addictive. A strong English or Irish breakfast tea may appeal to a coffee drinker. High cacoa chocolate bars (70%+) are good for you, easily portioned, and readily available (Wallmart has the best selection in my area)

Sorry I can’t provide any coffee withdrawal horror stories to make you feel better, I am blessed (or cursed?) with the genes to make drinking coffee, tea, or red bull darn boring.

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