Todays food and plans for tomorrow

5 05 2009

Today’s meals:

Piece of Apple-Smoked Swiss
6″ Veg Subway
24oz Water
12oz white mocha soy
Tuna Salad Sandich
12oz black tea

…and maybe some salsa before bed. 🙂

Talked to a friend a bit today – planning on doing some indoor climbing tomorrow – maybe I’ll get some film of it. Post-pastafarian preaching of course. 😉




2 responses

5 05 2009
Joe (sef789)

Tuna good! All of those lovely omega 3 fatty acids to balance the nasty fats in the soy beverage, mayo, and cheese. Fatty acids are key to structural and chemical processes in the cell (especially neurons where good fatty acids help reduce stress, depression). Oils in rough order of preference good to terrible: fish, olive, canola, veg, soy, dairy, anything hydrogenated. Safflower, sunflower, flaxseed also very good, but less common.

What is the caloric total? I ask because I am concerned that you may be catabolizing those good fats for energy.

Supplements – take a multivitamin, whatever is cheap. All vegetarians should be taking B12, menstruating vegetarians should be taking iron too.

Good Health to You!

5 05 2009

Caloric total? You know I’m not sure. Do you know a good way to calculate that? Maybe there’s an easy way online to figure it out…

Honestly I generally don’t count calories – I’m more concerned about what’s in the food vs how much of it I eat. But I understand what you mean.

I did do an online calorie counter – that said at low activity if I was maintaining weight I should intake about 1600cal/day. I think that I get that though.

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