Well let’s get rolling…

29 04 2009

Ok so first post. I’m going to try and keep up with this as much as possible – but no promises I can keep up daily.

Now I am a vegetarian – however I still enjoy milk, eggs, and fish. Occasionally I dip out on my veggie diet when my iron levels drop extremely low, usually once every other month, sometimes longer.

Foods of the day:
Onion Bagel Salmon Crm Chz
Mini Pizza Slice
Pretzels w/hummus
Iced Mocha Soy
Apple Juice
Spinach Feta Pretzel

Oh delicious carbs – the bane of my existence. 😛

I am very much an individual on the run, so it’s really hard to keep up and get a well-balanced meal – especially this week since I have midterms.




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